Our Team

Why we are good at what we do.

Pek Yun Ning


As the leader of SGP Foods, Pek has been building the foundations of SGP foods for three years. She is passionate about improving Singapore sustainability, and endeavours to make SGP Foods a global brand, providing efficiency and affordability to more tenets of everyday households and more!

Jonah Crawford


Jonah's multi-decade career in IoT, embedded control systems, software engineering and horticultural automation has become the raw material of SGP Foods horticultural technology portfolio. Leading SGP Foods engineering team, food cultivation is being taken to a new level!

Glen Chen


Born to be a coder, Glen is a passionate programmer and has been in previous international startups, and is currently in Apple's Swift Accelerator Programme in collaboration with SUTD. Under Jonah's mentoring, he supports SGP Foods software with his creative and design thinking. In his free time, he watches programming shows such as Silicon Valley and Mr. Robot.(No spoilers please!)

Brandon Chong


The newest member of our close-knitted family, Brandon has already brought immense skill and proficiency to the table, from supporting the back-end databases to developing the website you're seeing right now! He is currently majoring in Information Systems Technology & Design in SUTD. On the side, Brandon enjoys RPG games and dancing, often organising school-based events for people with similar interests.

Benjamin Goh


Benjamin is an undergraduate under the SUTD Technology and Entrepreneurship Programme. He joined our team in September 2020 and has been supporting SGP Foods' sustainability efforts since then. A keen learner, Benjamin picks up new skills quickly and assists in the business and technology aspects of SGP Foods, including correspondences between public and private sector clients, and computer-aided design.

Ning Wei


Ning Wei is a mechanical engineering student specialising in robotics currently studying in NUS. She was the World Championship winner in a robotics competition and is passionate about what she does. She is also heavily involved in Competitive Intelligence in SGP Foods, and handles the business and marketing from time to time. She enjoys playing frisbee and FPS games.