SGP Food’s AgriDIY is an all-in-one product that aims to educate on food security, the crop cultivation process and familiarization of modern agriculture technology.

AgriDIY provides users with a hassle-free opportunity to cultivate their own plant crop via a user-friendly interface. Users can experience all stages of the incubation process with the use of the physical incubator whilst monitoring, recording, and cultivating the plant via our proprietary software program that integrates IoT and AR technology.

Our software program utilizes AR technology to present the user with detailed information and updates regarding their plant. It also utilizes IoT technology to allow users to alter the conditions of the incubator e.g., temperature, moisture, humidity, etc. via the software program’s interface.

We believe that AgriDIY packages the incubation process of a plant crop in a neat and convenient process, where it stands to give invaluable lessons and experience on agriculture. Given our current environmental climate, we believe that more and more people should be informed of these themes and we firmly believe that our product is able to deliver.