Allied Fibres Program

Our Allied Fibres Program is a multi-year project where the main objective would be for SGP Foods to become a major supplier of allied fibre-based products worldwide. The allied fibre crop contains a multitude of uses ranging from being a food crop, cosmetics ingredient and building materials. In addition to having a large variety of uses, the allied fibre crop is extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly, with efficient land usage and low waste production.

This aligns with SGP Foods’ goals and mission of providing high quality, sustainable solutions. We strongly believe that allied fibre is the crop for the future amidst our current environmental climate and we fully intend to harness its sustainable yielding potential in this untapped market.With our Allied Fibres Program, we control most of the allied fibre production process, from cultivating and harvesting the allied fibre crops to processing allied fibres into our various secondary products. We have introduced SGP Foods’ own innovative, high-quality, proprietary technologies and methods into each step of the process with aims of raising efficiency and quality of the final product.

Our primary products derived from the Allied Fibres Program will be allied fibre flour, oil, and bio-composites.

These primary products have properties that matches or even exceeds conventional sources whilst being much more sustainable and cost-effective. From these primary products, we will produce our secondary value-added products. They include:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Tofu
  • Cosmetics and Medicinal Compounds
  • Biofuel
We are extremely confident of our Allied Fibres Program, where the process has been meticulously crafted and conceptualized by seasoned professionals and individuals with strong expertise in the agricultural and F&B industry. We strongly believe that the final allied fibres-based products reflect the quality and effort that has been incorporated in its production.